Linux Hosting vs. Windows Hosting- Which is Better

In the world of internet, the two most prominent operating systems for hosting websites are Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft server program comes under the category of Windows 2003 server families and Unix and Linux hosting systems is available in a variety of operating systems. The choice is yours- you can either go for Microsoft Windows or Linux hosting system. Let us discuss both in a comprehensive manner to understand the basic difference between the two.

Linux and Unix Servers

Linux and Unix servers differ on the basis of their operating system, with most of them running prominent operating systems like FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu and Red Hat. These servers mostly use servers that are free and open-source to provide cheap and viable hosting services. Programs like PHP, MySQL and Apache works as free alternatives to Microsoft’s proprietary services. 

Windows Servers

Windows 2003 server family of Microsoft is available in three different forms- namely Datacenter Server, Advanced Server and Server. Datacenter Server is used exclusively to store data and access by other servers. Advanced server is for large businesses, whereas the server program is designed basically for home or small business use. Most of the server that is used is patented, like the Active Server Pages programming language and Internet Information Services.

Server Usage

Microsoft and Linux servers differ significantly. For a novice user, Linux server may be a bit difficult to understand and operate. However, Linux servers have greater power as compared to Windows servers. Additionally, setting up Linux servers is much cheaper than Windows servers. When it comes to Windows severs, they are easy to set up and understand. For people who wish to use Microsoft’s patented servers, they have no other option than Microsoft servers.

Virus Attacks

For the point of a user, there are some vital differences between Windows and Linux web hosting. If you are highly concerned about harmful attacks and viruses, Linux hosts can make a better option. As compared to Linux hosts, Windows are more susceptible to attacks. Linux too can become victims to malicious viruses, but their vulnerability is way less than Windows hosts. Credible Linux hosting companies are well aware of the attacks and virus issues. Thus, they take extra care and precaution to eliminate these issues and offer seamless and affordable hosting services to their esteemed clients.

The choice of hosting service is actually a personal one. You can consider your requirements, budget and other vital points before making your decision.

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  1. thiagorulez

    Great question. I haven’t had a ton of experience with Linux dedicated server hosting to say better, but still, as I stand I prefer Windows.

    December 11, 2013
  2. peterjames

    really good article and a great question, does anyone know where i could read up on this more?

    peterjames23 |

    January 16, 2014